1. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are an absolute must have, if you want to achieve a glamorous rock look. The Glam Rock outfit requires bold styling, so go for ripped jeans in unusual colors. Of course, black will be always the color for the rock lovers, but you can go for dark blue or violet.

ripped jeans

Patched jeans are also an option, so you can try to add some patches or patterns on your old jeans. The latest collections of Diesel include patched and ripped jeans in all kind of colors, as the model is one- skinny jeans.

2. Studded Belt

Studded belts have always been a part of the rocker look, so don’t miss to add this bold accessory to your summer rock outfits. The summer vibe requires big belts with studded crystals or metal pieces.

studded belt

Black is the main color, but the silver is also a good idea. The latest trend is to wear large black studded belt with a skirt, so you can try that too. Leather is preferable, for it adds more glamour to your outfits.

3. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are essential part of the glamour rock look. No matter of the style, this timeless piece is always in a trend. You can go for leather jackets with different patterns.

leather jacket

Flower patterns also go well on the leather jackets, combine them with a studded belt and ripped jeans, as you can play with the color palette. Gucci’s latest collection also offers leather jackets, which are stylish and glamorous, so don’t miss to fill your wardrobe with this bespoke outfit.

4. Glam Studded Sandals

Even fashion icons like Victoria Beckham cannot resist to the fashion obsession, when it comes to studded sandals. This summer accessories are super hit at the fashion scene, so go on high heels with studded crystals and rocks on them.

glam studded sandals

The higher, the better is the motto of the Glam Rock accessories, so don’t hesitate to choose your pair for the summer. Black and red are the best colors to create your rock chick look this season.

5. Rock Chick Leather Clutch

The leather clutch is the summer must have, if you want to be a rock princess. Go for mini leather models, studded with crystals or silver.

rock chick leather clutch

Black is the color for your unique accessory. Go for boutique collections and find out your rock chick leather clutch that will surely add more boldness to your appeal.


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