The world Cup tournament is over, but this year the fashion surely had changed, just to be close to the soccer emotions that grabbed the world and hold it for more than a month.

Between fashion and football, there is always a connection- a connection, which can really be illustrated by the connection between David Beckham and his wife, the fashion icon Victoria.[Fashion Trend]

world cup fashion 1

This year is definitely the year, in which the soccer got into fashion and the outfits have their new inspiration – the passion for soccer.

The American soccer team has made us proud; therefore some fashion companies represented their admiration with new lines devoted to the sport success of the American soccer team.

In case you want to show respect to our team, just check out the easiest way to present yourself with fashion football accessories – the official internet magazine of the World cup.

world cup fashion 2

The world is now offering all kind of headbands, flag clutches, flip flops, jeans, bracelets, watches and even shoes. The collections come in all kind of colors, which means you can take an accessory of your favorite football team.

The brand of American Eagle also didn’t missed the football fever, so they got us surprised with their latest collection of jeans that is entirely linked to the American football team.

The Brazilian topic in the fashion has always been modern. We all know the T-shirts with the Brazilian flag and the exclusive combination of their colors – yellow and green.

world cup fashion 3

Despite Brazil has failed to become a champion, the tops with the Brazilian flag turn to be extremely modern. A shawl with the Brazilian flag is now a perfect accessory to a mini dress.

Put some bracelets that illustrate the Brazilian football stars and you are totally in trend for the summer. In case you are a fan of England, another football and fashion nation, just go for the Amazon collection.

It is offering absolutely anything with the shining red that honors the British football team. In case you think the biggest designers aren’t involved into the football fever, then you are wrong.

world cup fashion 4

Brands like Dolce & Gabbana are planning to release a collection that honors the Italian football team, the previous holder of the World cup. No matter that the Italians failed to turn back home as heroes, the Italian fashion duet honored them with a collection of close-cut suits, sunglasses and briefs.

Domenico Dolce, himself, commented that the footballer represents the ideal of beauty, which the company is following.

The World Cup holder Spain and anything linked to the country that grabbed the biggest award in this sport is also in trend, so don’t miss out to add at least one football accessory into your wardrobe.


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