They never went out of the fashion scene, but this year the espadrilles are ruling the catwalk podiums and are amazingly the best shoe accessory for the summer.

Forget the sharp or the uncomfortable high heels. The espadrilles are here to remind us there is a comfortable way to step on high platforms and yet, this to be in style.

shoe trends 1

Even the Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston have started to wear espadrilles on high platform, which is a bespoke example that you can’t go wrong by choosing to wear espadrilles.

The specific espadrilles of the season are those that are symbolizing something bold and wild.

shoe trends 2

The raised heel espadrilles are now in pop colors and moreover, the colors of the summer like red, pink, green, blue and yellow.

Candy colors are also welcome, especially when they are combined with long bohemian dress and a summer hat. Espadrilles with patterns are also pretty much in the trend, especially if the print is leopard.

shoe trends 3

Espadrilles with floral motifs, such as presented in the collections of TopShop are also a must have of the season. Another trendy collection is the last line of Tom’s shoes.

The designer grabbed the pulse of the summer and presented a whole new vision for the espadrilles. Check out his Navy Stripe Calypso model and don’t miss out the red Newport Cordones.


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