We can say it out loud – the heroes of the Twilight Saga aren’t sleek or sophisticatedly dressed.

They have nothing to do with the haute couture and sometimes we wonder are they really dress to impress. Despite all this, we still love the look of the stars that are part of the saga.

twilight style 1

Their natural and bohemian outfits are the fashion essence of the movie, for they are representing a style that has nothing to do with the luxurious part of the fashion. Here are some ideas how to dress in a “vampire” style and yet, to be adorable.

twilight style 2

In case you want to look as Bella, go for plaid flannel shirts. Check the collection of the Canadian brand Forever 21 and pick up colors in the dark palette. Bella’s hoodie is already famous, for the actress playing her is always wearing them.

twilight style 3

The occasional outfit adds some natural look to your appeal. The cozy wearing is available at the American Eagle stores. Bella’s favorite color is grey and all kind of nuances near this color.

As for the jackets, they completely match Bella’s personality, they are out of any tendency, but their cozy and comfortable look will turn any girl into a hidden mystery. The Billabong “Letterman” twill jacket is perfect for the so called Bella Swan style, so check out the jackets from this line.


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