The 2010 summer fashion is outstanding especially because of the large majority of details we have available to make and outfit sparkle.

Of course , the cool dress you bought last season can be worn this season too but consider refreshing its look with at least one sparkling colored item so its beauty would be emphasized even more.

This is a smart advice for any outfit you may wear this summer and here are 10 cool items that will surely bright up your fashionable look.

1. Blue To The Waist

A baby blue belt with a bedazzled detail would go perfectly with a flower power dress, a monochromatic top or a delicate blouse with crochet details. This one wrapped around your waistline will surely catch the eye of everybody.

belt2. Walking The Walk In Colors

Heels are totally the thing for summer walk especially if they are solid and comfortable along with being extremely lovely because of the vivid color they have.

summer walk

3. The Dress To Cool It

An organza dress in the most shiny lilac color will let you show your pretty legs and also look like a true fashionista.


4. The White Crochet Classic

The silk crochet is one of the “IT’ items of this summer. A white crochet dress out of the most delicate fabric will surely make you look very lady like.


5. The Blue Jeans Generation

We love jeans and there is no doubt that they made a huge comeback this season. It is also true that navy or cobalt blue is a cool trend for this summer so dare and wear a pair of sparkling blue jeans on your outings. You will be unforgettable.

blue jeans

6. Line Up In Style

A summer tote is a must for any fashionista but when you choose one consider both lines and bright colors. Pink is a girly touch so don’t be afraid to add a drop of pink to your outfit.


7. The Swimwear To Color You Pretty

The swimwear is your chance to be sexy. Pick a swimsuit with a fashionable cut, show as much skin as you want but consider bright candy colors to electrify your look.

swim wear

8. Redefining The Necklace

Anybody can wear a necklace but wearing one with a personality is a totally different thing. An anonymous outfit will surely be famous with such a necklace around.


9. The Radiant Princess Dress

Long, delicate dresses are something we plan to enjoy this summer. Pick a foxy color and you will still look like a princess but a very unconventional one.

princess dress

10. With Green On My Wrist

A bracelet is meant to bring you attention. Be positive and delightful wearing green. Such an accessory will not only be the center of attention but will also compliment any outfit no matter how dull.



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