zara online salesZara has finally decided to enter the world of e-commerce. With today’s technology being what it is, a lot of businesses are finding it difficult to compete unless they have an online presence.

Unfortunately for Zara, they are coming to the game late. Not only are they late, they are also leaving out some of the key players.

To compete online in a global sense, the entire globe must be reached and have the option to reach you if needed. Zara has made a bold move in leaving out some major countries when moving to the Internet.

As of right now, Zara is only available online to Germany, Portugal, UK, France, Italy and Spain, which are the only countries able to access the site. That leaves out a majority of fashionistas…not to mention the major countries like America and Canada.

How far can Zara go online if they are leaving out half of the world? Not very far one would imagine. But, at least they are trying and have finally discovered this thing called the Internet.

At least that is a step in the right direction. Let’s just hope that if this is the best their marketing departments are coming up with, then they aren’t paying them too much.


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