Finding the right swimsuit is an issue, which sometimes we can’t solve properly. The summer break is days away and if you still haven’t decided what swimsuit to wear, just take few tips about the right models this summer.

In case it’s difficult to decide about the model, go for the monokini model by Brette Sandler, which is a best combination between one-piece and two-piece.

In case you need a swimsuit that is not going to expose your whole body, take a look at the model “Lilly Pulitzer” of the designer Caye Tankini. The model includes bikini, but it is made with a top that covers the curves you might want to hide.

In case you want to show more of your figure, go for the latest trends, when it comes to swimsuits. The vintage flair is back at the scene.

One of the most modern swimsuits this season is the Kumchi Blue Striped Sailor One Piece. Go for the retro style at the beach and you are not going to be wrong, since vintage is the key word for the swimsuits this season.


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