Summer requires certain changes, when it comes to accessories. In case you like walking on high heels, then this summer you will be in trend with high brightly colored heels.

The summer cannot be what it is without a pair of Christian Louboutin. The favorite shoemaker of the stars is launching new extra high heels- Declic Glitter Pumps.

These heels are shining with pink color and represent the stylish version for beach parties.

Kate Spade also released a collection filled with high colored heels. Her leather creations are made in Italy and surprise with pop colors- green, pink, red and blue.

When it comes to accessories that never go out of style, then we need Ariel. Ariel is the name of the latest heels made by BCBGirls and they are inspired from the gracious mermaid Ariel.

The heels are super high and look like sandals, but meanwhile they are the right kind of pair for all events.

Created in trend, the Ariel shoes come in bright purple color with lacquered platforms.


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