They have always been bespoke accessories, but this summer more than ever- hats are back, therefore hats on! Each season hats are changing their style and typically in the summer they are in the good old cowboy style. Hats, just as the sunglasses are eternal.

Here are few models from the latest fashion collections that surely will turn you into a modern princess, which obviously keeps herself safe from sun damages.

In case you are a traditionalist, go for the American Eagle Outfitters hats. For a more chick look, choose the latest Lanvin Pink Straw Hats. They go perfect with swimsuit and can be worn at the beach.

Topshop is the other fashion brand that pays attention to this chic accessory. The Topshop hats are exclusively modern. Go for the Open Weave Straw Trilby Hat, which is a perfect artistic touch to any outfit.

In case you want more occasional look, choose Pins and Needles`s hat- the Crochet Straw Cloche is simply adorable in the urban atmosphere.


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