The summer is here, so the next logical thing is to find you the right swimming suit. The fashion has been very generous, when it comes to swimming suits this season.

Graphic patterns, flower motifs, all kinds of colors and mostly extravagant look – these are the fashion tendencies at the beach.

Here are some of the best swimsuit lines this year. Keiko made a stunning collection and their purple swimsuit is a real hit.

Zimmermann is the other fashion brand that always surprises us in this matter. They devoted their collection for girls with curves, therefore they are offering black swimsuit that cover the curves and still have sex-appeal.

The designer Cynthia Rowley is eminent for her beach wearing, but this summer she really grabbed the whole attention as she has made an amazing line for the brand of Roxy.

Her swimsuits are comfortable, sleek and sexy. O’Neill is another designer that tries to not leave much for the imaginations. He suggests stripped bikini bottom in different colors.

You can combine them with Lisa Marie Fernandez top, for it is bold and made in pop colors. Don’t forget the accessories for the beach, for they are also part of your swimsuit. Go for white sunglasses, which are extremely modern this summer.


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