In the recent years one fashion company has been gaining fame and respect. The name of that company is Missoni and they are one of the most controversial fashion brands lately.

The company made a lot for the modern scene and the urban look of the fashion addicted girls. Their style cannot be compared to anyone else’s, when it comes to spiritual touch, refine fabrics and colorful combination that are going to surprise you.

It is not a question why the stars are choosing to wear Missoni, the question is – are you a Missoni girl yourself? If the answer is yes, then their last collection is exactly for you and it is already labeled as the best from the fashion stage. Missoni’s last fashion creations were totally inspired by the glam of the 60s.

Sophistication is the key word, when it comes to their colored skirts and T shirts. The blouses are in bright and pop colors, but mostly the native motifs are those that made the collection interesting and spiritual.

Missoni had a success, when it comes to underlining the female figure, for they re-launched the simple fashion look and silhouette. Their fabrics are pure cotton, satin and other lavish textures.


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