When it comes to Mark Jacobs, the whole world knows this man is a genius in his fashion visions. His latest collection is also exceptional and brings a lot of glamour.

The FW collection is a creative proof that this designer can easily mix styles to form his own spirit. Jacob`s collection is totally inspired from the 60`s and mostly from a fashion icon, which the world will never forget- the First Lady Jackie O`.

The designer choosed to include pastel colors, stylish floral lace frock, lots of polka dots and elegant min-skirts. The collection isn’t made to be with sexual appeal, but to be totally devoted to the bespoke elegance.

The kitten heels are another peak of this amazing collection. They provoke with their innocent and fresh look, without grabbing the whole attention.

The designer idea was to create a collection that can be worn by a real lady and he succeeded in this matter. His FW2010 collection is already praised as one of the most memorable one since the beginning of his career.

As for the designer, he revealed also that he was inspired by Coco Chanel’s personal style, but this is obvious, since the hats and the suits in pastel and natural colors are the highlighted items in the collection.


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