When it comes to male wearing, the designers have different visions. Recently on the fashion scene the male outfits are more eccentric and unusual.

Colors like pink, yellow and peach are no longer just the colors of the women clothing. The male fashion opens into colors and silhouettes and this is good, especially for those men that are ready to wear challenging clothes and relay on bold colors.

This wasn’t the main idea of Kris Van Assche`s latest collection. Therefore, the designer brought back the gothic dark look at the male wardrobe and the black in a lavish and mysterious way.

The brand is inspired by the eternal color and its fashion creations are for those men, who are traditionalists, but still want to make an impression.

The fabrics are expensive and luxurious, while the dark palette resembles an era of dark and smooth feelings.

Chocolate suits and ties, black pants, dark indigo skirts and hats, navy black trench coats- these are just pieces, part of a collection that is going to impress with the finest cotton, darkest colors and a spiritual touch.


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