The fashion tendencies this summer are different, sweet and innovative. The fashion experts say that the biggest designers have found their inspiration in “Alice in Wonderland”, because the main colors for the summer are candy and pop.

Coral has turned to the most preferred color, when it comes to jeans. Top Shop is the brand that is offering smooth coral jeans that resembles the color of a delicious candy.

As for the blouses and the tops, they are all made with an imagination that mixes pop color, sugar shades and baby nuances.

Satin and chiffon have turned to the fabrics of the summer. Go for the Burberry last collection, for they are offering mini satin dresses in baby blue and candy pink.

The accessories are also made in a color that you could actually want to “eat”. The bags are in lacquered pink, green and blue. Shoes and even sunglasses are in pastel colors.

The effect of the candy colors will surely bring us a summer filled with fun and style.


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