In case you are in love with untraditional jewels, the collection “Lost Highway” is the right one for you. Its designer is Sylvie Markovina, known for her extravagant jewels and mostly for her proviso collection, which has made an absolute hit, when it comes to jewels out of the box.

The designer dedicated the collection to the wayward beauty and this is obviously, for the jewels in “Lost Highway” speak of symbolic imagination. Each piece of this collection resembles a sign that you would want to put on, in case you need a spiritual inspiration.

The highlights of Markovina’s unusual collection are the cuffs that resemble carburetors.

Brass is the major key in the “Lost Highway”, as well as silver and dark palette stones. As for the size, rings are bigger than usual. The floral elements come with desert roses on the rings, which is also a symbol of what designer wanted to express.

The jewels will be available on the official website of Sylvie and probably they are not going to be release anywhere else, for they are unique and creative, so they must be worn by special people. Therefore, the collection is in limited edition.


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