This season there are bespoke must have accessories, which are a lot different than those in the last year’s summer collection. The IT shoes and bags are the hit of the season and now any girl who loves the fashion is going to have at least one pair of these fabulous shoes.

First on the top of the “must have” list is of course the master of the stylish shoes Christian Louboutin. His leather shoes are now so popular that there is already difficult to find one pair of these booties.

The shoes are priced at $1,700. Other inspirational shoes, which look classy and stylish, are the Winners leather booties.

The company made them to be worn on the red carpet and surprisingly their price isn’t so high- only $50.

Miu Miu is also a brand, which is eminent for their shoes and bags. This summer their suede shoes are going to grab all the attention with their elegance and touch of haute couture.

The typical urban style, which French Connection usually offers is now totally replaced by super chick, when it comes to their summer collection accessories. Their leather shoes looks like sandals and are made with neutral colors. Bags this season are also glamorous and stylish.

One of the inspirational bags this season is the Club Monaco leather bag, which is expected to be the most desirable bag this summer.


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