This summer is really the season of the men’s footwear. They are no longer what they were last season. Nowadays fashion mixes with music and the biggest designers turned to be exactly the rappers and the singers, which released their men’s footwear collection for the summer season.

First on the list was the rap singer Fabulous, who released his own version of Reeboks. His example was followed by the Fat Joe with his own collection of sneakers called “Recession”.

Jim Jones was the next star, who is going to amaze with his own collection of sneakers. The star is said to reveal a new pair of sneakers every day of the summer. His Capo sneakers are extremely popular in the social net-works.

In Twitter, Jim’s collection of footwear and sneakers reached nearly 1 million followers. Jimmy’s kicks can be found at his own site and Twitter account. They are totally inspired from the street life and represent an entire movement of bold fashion ideas in the urban environments.

The star himself is so obsessed by sneakers and fashion shoes, that his collection is praised as an “expert collection” for the men that follow their favorite singers.

Another reason to have the Jim Jones kicks is that they are unique and boutique. This way surely no one else will have the same pair as yours.


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