In the vocabulary of the typical fashionista, the summer tote is the bag that fits all her glamour and in the same time the bag she can carry around all summer.

Being the bag you can use while walking, shopping, going to the beach or simply hanging with your girlfriends, the tote needs to be completely you.

This means that trying to fit into your profile and making it match your star sign is something you would love to do especially since this is a trend all major designers encourage.

This is why you should be aware that the Aquarius is fitted by a Billabong grey and silver lined tote both large and glittering.

The Aries is a loving blue striped Lacoste with a fabulous zipper, Cole Haan and metallic details is so complementary for the Taurus pride while the Gemini can let themselves spoiled with a pricy Linea Pelle Dylan leather tote.

If you think green and you are born under the age of Cancer, Lauren Moshi Lips is totally for you but if the Leo inside you is roaring let it loose with a 70’s spirit by Rebecca Minkoff Easy Rider.

Virgo is into color frenzy like LeSportsac Pixel Rose Erika and Libra gets all her things packed with Watery Faux Leather Oversized.

If you are a Scorpio feel free to go native wearing Billabong Noosa and if the Sagittarius sleeps inside you make it wear Deena & Ozzy Chain Tote.

If you are a Capricorn and the cell phone is your twin spirit, the Solar Beach Tote will keep you connected and provide endless green energy for your cell.


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