The fashion trends this summer are more than surprising and represent a brand new colorful and bold vision. Here are a few tips how to achieve some of most fashionable looks this season.

This season the so called “shock value” is more than modern. In order to achieve this look, simply choose bold colors from the same palette and combine prints and patterns.

Leopard stamps are also back in the latest collection of the most designers. Don’t be afraid to try combinations of different fabric because contrast is one of the hit tendencies this season.

As for the accessories, the quirky sunglasses are an absolutely a must have. Go for the spring lace print sunglasses, which are totally adorable.

The shoes are also different this summer. High platforms and unusual look are the key words when it comes to fashionable foot wears. Banana republic is the company that offers the most symbolic pairs this year. Their wooden-soled “Rosita” shoes are the bespoke hit this season.
Don’t forget also that denim is back on the fashion scene. Choose skinny jeans and combine them with marina T-shirts as you make sure to wear them with large jewels and rings. The lightweight capes are also considered as the top wearing in the summer evenings.


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