When it comes to summer outfits, this year there is only one master – Chanel. One of the most desirable brands in the world revealed an amazing collection in the famous destination of Saint-Tropez.

summer outfits 1

Chanel’s latest summer collection is just for those of you, which are reminded of a Riviera fairytale. The outfits represent lightweight texture, a fairy spirit and bespoke sexual appeal.

summer outfits 2

summer outfits 3

The eternal designer, Karl Lagerfeld, has made it for another time – his show in the French capital of luxury is something, the whole fashion world is talking about. In case you can afford it, the latest Chanel collection is made to impress.

summer outfits 4

The long crocheted dresses, ruffle-lapelled suits and colorful trousers are just part of the major Chanel collection. The eternal denim is also included as the brand is suggesting exclusive patchwork denim skirts.

summer outfits 5

The skirts are with floral motifs and patterns, while the shoes are on super high platform. The summer spirit and the joyful mood are the key words of the Chanel summer fashion visions.


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