The fashion world has seen already sisters, brothers and whole family devoted to making inspirational outfits and international careers.

There are many examples of this, but in the time when fashion turns to vintage clothing, the Rodarte sisters are the right girls for changing the fashion criteria and add more style into the modern world.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy are now extremely popular, because of their talent. It is fact that these two can make clothes, which thousands of girls will wish to wear. The living proof of this is their latest collection which is already praised as fashion’s most elite and influential trend.

There is no question why the sisters have their success for we know that their last inspiration was taken from the movie My Fair Lady and the iconic Audrey Hepburn.

Overall, this brand isn’t just the next brand to rule the fashion scene for just one season. It is a symbol of artistic fashion of high class and perhaps that’s why some of the Rodarte’s creation is museum worthy.

The sisters, which are now the most popular designer duo in New York will soon surprise us again. Whatever it is, it will be special, as anything in their collections, made with refined textures, luxury feeling and artistic touch.


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