Pamela Love has always been a jewelry brand for girls with different style and unique sense of fashion. Their latest collection is no exception, when it comes to the brand’s typical creative and artistic style.

pamela loves collection

The line is totally inspired by Mexico, because its designer was traveling to see the beauty of the country. This is how the present collection is grungy – chic with typical native Mexican details.

pamela love spring ring

Braided rope rings and scared hearts that wear a piece of the famous Mexican mystique spirit, are already a hit on the fashion scene.

pamela love fall 2010 1

The brand is also releasing a new version of their well-known skull – sampled cuffs. This time they are in copper, bronze and antique silver.

pamela love fall 2010

The Pamela Love’s collection is offering also silver plates made of silver and combined with their spiritual symbols and elements. The Mexican folk art is surely impressive and looks truly artistic on the brand’s rings, pendants and necklaces.


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