This season the accessories are super important. The fashion scene has been flooded by different and unusual accessories, which are more than welcomed to complete your daily look.

When it comes to belts, the summer brings more colorful decisions in this matter. Go for a purple leather belt, which you can combine with a gray sweater and simple pair of jeans. The belt will surely open your outfits and will add a modern touch.

Another fashionable belt is the Hardware belt by Forever21. The belt goes perfect with black boots and a seductive mini skirt.

The biggest designers also have included interesting belts in their latest collection. Ralph Lauren has a perfect belt for the fashion lovers.

The company is offering the Patent Leather Belt, which is slick accessory that matches all kinds of outfits. Try the black version with satin trousers or long dress – it will surely fit the fashion idea you want to express with your outfit.

Despite that belts are typically black or in a dark palette, this season you can allow yourself to be adventurous and go for colored belts.

Red and green are the bespoke hit of the season, when it comes to stylish belts. Also check out the yellow and cobalt blue leather belts, which will add a more creative vision to your look.


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