The film festival in Cannes has always been an inspiration to the fashion world and its dress code and fashion style shadowed even the Hollywood scene.

cannes fashion 1

The festival gave us the amazing style of Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and other iconic actresses as glamorous, wild and represents the European bohemian touch, when it comes to fashion. This year the style concepts of Cannes were three.

First of them was the wild-child look. To achieve this modern and glamorous look, go for the right accessories. One of them is the stunning Lanvin sandals. The fashion brand has created a multi-chain sling back sandal, which was the hit at the festival.

cannes fashion 2

Other fashionable vision that was very popular among the guests of the event is the Classicist look. Go for T-shirts, inspired by the marina topics, which is totally back to 70s look.

The minimalist fashion concept also took a part in the red carpet events in Cannes. The stars were obviously choosing clean lines and silhouettes, as well as official dresses, which were totally inspired by the minimalism and pure vision.

The tendency of the festival came from Miu Miu and their caped back sleeveless dress. White, comfortable and simple, the dress has made a furor in the fashion scene of Cannes.


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