When Nike is releasing something, the whole world knows it is going to be an absolute sport hit. This time the bespoke company came up with new models of their super Nike Air Max line. The new jewels are in the grey palette as they are ranging from Air Max 95 to Air Max 24-7.

The difference is that now the new models are equipped with Varsity Red details and accents, including transparent Air Sole and Swoosh. The previous line was in bold colors, but this time the company decided to charm us with a stylish combination – grey and red, grey and blue, etc…

As usual, the new Nikes are ready to meet any adventure as they are geared for sport activities, including all kind of athlete initiatives.

The kicks are equipped with cooling system and according to Nike; they are now more comfortable than ever, especially for cross training or running. The new models have hit the market already and surely they are now the latest trendy sport foot wearing.

Surprisingly Nike left the prices the same like for the previous line, so the new models aren’t as expensive as we thought.

Since the previous line has marked a total record in sales so the new kicks are expecting to reach a new level of sales, as they are now equipped with new extras for all the sport lovers.


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