Bedazzled and bright – these are the key words of the latest fashion trend, when it comes to the bespoke accessory, the sun glasses. The fashion experts are setting new trends for the eternal accessories of the summer.

Bejeweled and with colored frames, the glasses are still big, but the vintage look is more than recommended, in case you want to be covered with glow and shine.

The official site of CLAW money is offering amazing pairs of the latest bedazzled sunglasses, which are totally inspired by the vintage fashion mania.

Blue and yellow are the hit glasses for the season, but in case you are traditionalist, you can always go for their black sunglasses with vintage and bejeweled frames.

The cool and very modern shades of the CLAW money’s sunglasses are for those of you, who enjoy the bright accessories and want to add more fun appeal to their look. White and green sunglasses are also in the trend of the spring/summer collections this year.


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