40 Hottest Black Beauties that Made the Fashion Scene Tremble

The beauty of African American women is something so notorious that the fashion world could not have escaped it. Ebony beauties with feline bodies have conquered the fashion catwalk and the covers of fashion and style magazines.

What exactly makes them unique? In order to answer that question one should consider that the exquisite charm of these amazing black beauties is absolutely singular. They have the air of the Queen of Sheba and in the same time all the exotic appeal of a modern statue.

The black models have entered the fashion world with all the wild charm of their race and made a stand becoming true images of glamor that shook up a bit what the society considered beauty standards before them.

Here are 40 amazing beauties that made a name for black fashion models.

1. Agbani Darego

agbani darego

2. Ajuma Nasenyana

ajuma nasenyana

3. Alek Wek

alek wek

4. Ambre Anderson

ambre anderson

5. Arlenis Sosa

arlenis sosa

6. Atong Arjok

atong arjok

7. Beverly Peele

beverly peele

8. Bre Scullark

bre scullark

9. Eva Marcille

eva marcille

10. GailO Neill

gailo neill

11. Georgianna Robertson

georgianna robertson

12. Grace Jones

grace jones

13. Isis King

isis king

14. Jssica White

jessica white

15. Jourdan Dunn

jourdan dunn

16. Karen Alexander

karen alexander

17. Kiara Kabukuru

kiara kabukuru

18. Lorraine Pascale

lorraine pascale

19. Mercedes Scelba Shorte

mercedes scelba shorte

20. Naima Mora

naima mora

21. Naomi Campbell

naomi campbell

22. Noemie Lenoir

noemie lenoir

23. Omahyra Mota

omahyra mota

24. Quiana Grant

quiana grant

25. Roshumba


26. Sessilee Lopez

sessilee lopez

27. Toccara Jones

toccara jones

28. Tyra Banks

tyra banks

29. Katoucha Niane

katoucha niane

30. Kidada Jones

kidada jones

31. Ajak Deng

ajak deng

32. Dani Evans

dani evans

33. Chanel Iman

chanel iman

34. Beverly Johnson

beverly johnson

35. Eugena Washington

eugena washington

36. Oluchi Onweagba

oluchi onweagba

37. Saleisha Stowers

saleisha stowers

38. Selita Ebanks

selita ebanks

39. Yaya Dacosta

yaya dacosta

40. Denny Mendez

denny mendez

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