Literature and fashion has always been linked, just because both are giving food to the imagination and mostly often inspire us for significant changes in our lives. The Australian label Mjolk knows this and obviously tries to present another connection between literature and fashion.

mjolk autumn winter collection

Their latest men’s collection Autumn/Winter is totally inspired by the life, work and genius of the American Poet Walt Whitman. The brand actually aims to recover the Depression-era art scenes in New York.

mjolk autumn winter collection1

In a time of recession, Depression era ironically turns to be a new source for fashion ideas.

mjolk autumn winter collection2

The period is eminent with its general artistic ideas, minimalistic style and creative spirit. These things were also the goal of the Australian brand. Their modern creations are for the artist that is moved by free spirit and the power of imagination.

mjolk autumn winter collection3

The autumn/winter collection is a fairytale in brown and grey colors that actually suits perfectly men with artistic vision. The moody tweeds are another reason to praise this brand.

mjolk autumn winter collection4

They used only refined textures and this is why their varsity jackets and knits are more than adorable.

mjolk autumn winter collection5

The accessories are also linked to the Depression era as they represent hunting cap accessories, made with style and an idea about the people that live only to create.

mjolk autumn winter collection6
mjolk autumn winter collection7

mjolk autumn winter collection8


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