We love men with youthful and fashionable look. There is one company that knows this and tries to offer trendy men footwear that is going to rule entirely the fashion scene this season. The Lauda Driver Folk is one of those significant models, part of the remarkable and super sophisticated collection by Visvim.

This company surely knows how to create footwear for the modern men that relay on quality in any detail. The Lauda model is offering brand new silhouette and comes with tailored look.

visvim lauda driverfolk

The good news is that the model is made with organic foundations and that is exactly the reason why the footwear is in the natural tone palette. Visvim relay on tailoring and once again shows that the tailored shoes are far better than those made by large manufacturers.

The Lauda Driver Folk, inspired by the name of Niki Lauda are exactly a model that goes perfect with light outfits and casual style.

As we all know Niki Lauda is an Austrian aviator, entrepreneur, and former Formula One legendary racing driver. He is also famous with his outfits, always keeping his youthful look and stylish masculine accessories.

The Lauda Driver Folk footwear is available in several colors. They will soon be released in the U.S., but first they will hit the Asian market.


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