The fashionistas are used to meet many challenges on their way but the most common one is to line up with the latest trends.

The good news for Fall 2010 is that an old current makes itself noticed  in spite of the odds  and creates a distinctive note. It is called Trady Twist and promises to stay.

Old fashion trends and tips come to life as if they are brand new with very tiny changes or no changes at all. Thinking every year’s fashion trend as a book, the actual trends can consist of copy-paste work from older fashion currents with a bit of twist which turns them in that certain something the designers are looking for. Changing the old into the new is not a new issue at all.

This fall, clothes and accessories may look similar at the first glance with the last years trends. However, they are more curageously combined with unexpected pieces and look more glamorous.

To start with men, the ordinary outfits become colored this year being added a more feminine touch, smoother fabrics, more elegance, a lot more elaborate and detail oriented looks.

Men will look so pop-art style, the Prince of Wales knittings giving them a noble presence. The combinations are softer now  introducing marled wools and tapistry style.

The wind of change in men’s clothes has easily been seen creating the opportunity for the guys to increase their wardrobe’s color options. Trady twist brings a more bohemian look for the gentlemen of any age, encouraging a return to the fashion basics, elegance and casual in the same gourgeous ensemble.

For the women, of course, there are more opportunities to look stylish and trendy with certain main tips.

First, let’s talk about colors. Colors can give an old piece the look that will make it fit the new trend. If the wardrobe has luminous camel, greenish-blues, taupey gray, cupcake pink acid marmalade, milk blueberry and electric anise, it is time to put them out for the show. If not, then it is time to hunt for some items bearing this color notes.

For the women who want to look classy, the glamorous look changes just a bit with violet, brick red, ochre and faded blue colors creating a Parade style combined with gold jewelries.

The colors of British and Retro British styles given above can be enriched with jewelry of ornamental style, exuberant motifs, lame voiles and silk twills adding waves to the clothes.

The era of a plain simple colored t-shirts has been officially closed for the coming fall. Extraordinary and fun motifs, unexpected designs catch the eyes for a more jingling and glamourous look.

The shirts, cardigans, sweaters, etc can be combined with a raw denim piece or basic “chino” cottons to look surprisingly good.

While women tend to have a glamorous look with seductive fabrics and colors, designers still cannot let go of the military look this fall. The neo-military style still lingers as a not exactly distinctive note.

The old, very old 18th century baroque mood is back for women with tapestry and brocade patterns, with colored large stains and lines.


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