There are two designers that turned the male outfits to a code, to a symbol of urban life style and still kept the male look for the season elegant and sophisticated.

street etiquette

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, the genius duo behind the Street Etiquette brand are going to wow us with an entire new collection that is already praised as the best, when it comes to modern male look. The spring season brought new spirit to their collection.

street etiquette1

Their last creations are inspired by urban life style and street casual look. The designers obviously find their muse on the streets. The motto of their outfits is casual elegance and bold spirit.

street etiquette2

Vintage ties are another reason to love this creative duo. The letterman jackets are absolute hit in their spring fashion vision. The fabrics are smooth and refined, while the silhouette is more elegant than ever.

street etiquette3

Tweeds and the suits are brought to a new level since they are made to fit the modern man, who likes adventures in the big city. The Street Etiquette last project “Sewn from the Soul” displays bold men in casual clothes with accessories that change the whole vision with an idea for more sophistication even on the street.

street etiquette4


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