Reece Hudson has always been a brand that represents the best in the New York urban life style and culture. The designer behind the brand is Reece Solomon. Her latest collection is already a hit in the city that never sleeps.

reece hudson

The jewels of her fashion creations are many, but this time we detected one bag that surely will be called iconic. The Reece Hudson bag made an impressive change, after the street photographer Tommy Ton created a perfect piece as an ad for the bag.

reece hudson bag

The story behind this bag is a story of a woman that loves the urban pulse of the new century. The woman who would prefer this bag is a woman that loves vintage models and goes only for accessories that are made to describe her nature.

Reece Hudson handcrafted bag is an option for any situation – for party, office or just a free walk. Tommy Ton has succeeded to capture the spirit of the bag and the models that wear it. The chick python bag is also another proof that you can be stylish, even if you are not into the latest fashion accessories.

reece hudson bag1

Reece Hudson bag is classy and elegant and speaks of attention to details. The designer once again shows her imaginative access to fashion and proves that when it comes to bag producing, she is among the best designers.


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