Fashion is always changing. The more it changes, the more it brings back the old good look on the stage. Before two decades the fashion was inspired by the techno and rave generation, as it was producing one of the most eccentric outfits for wild parties and trance music.

Nowadays the designers decided to turn back the trend, but this time the tendency is called New-Rave fashion. The biggest players simply have added the old ideas about the wild look into new visions. Neon bright, white huge glasses and tie-dye prints are hits this fashion season.

Online fashion stores such as Net-a-porter were also hit by the rave wave and now they are suggesting fashion for the girls that want to represent a symbolic connection between the wildest music and the real life.

Satin Pink Pumps by Bloch are another reason to love the spectacular style, which this trend is offering.

Sport companies like Converse also has produced a special line linked to the New-Rave tendency. Their latest Paint-Streak High Tops are the bespoke accessory for the spring/summer season.

Tribal Print Vest tops are another must have for the summer. Graffiti T-shirts and jeans have turned to absolute fashion rule of the new stylish and rebel look.


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