More flowers, more blossom! That is the motto of the fashion season, especially in the spring, when everything is about new spirit, colorful mood and euphoric feelings. The biggest players on the fashion scene relay on ruffles and rosettes.

ruffle skirt

The feminine look is accented with fabric roses, romantic ruffles, floral motifs and birds. In case you think this doesn’t sound so good, you need to see the latest collection of the designers like Marc Jacobs and Prada, where these accents are turned to be almost idyllic.

red roses strapless dress

Skirts with ruffles in colorful variations are another name of fashion spirit and modern look.

ruffled skirt

Cotton is back as a ruling texture, as well as lavish and rich textures like satin and cashmere. The sweet look turned back to the fashion catwalk and now ruffles are almost everywhere, even on the underwear.

silk rosette halter top

In case you want to impress anyone with super modern and chic look, just use rosettes. You can wear them on your top, on your skirt and even on your bag.

denim ruffle skirt

The fabric roses have made a new revolution since last autumn. Now they are in pink palette and perfectly match any spring outfit.


Another good suggestion for the season is to wear rosettes as an accessory for your hair, which will grab the attention to your whole vision.


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