When I wake up in the morning and see the sun outside focusing completely into showing my mind I have nothing to wear for the special day ahead of me, I can’t help but organizing a round of shopping with my girlfriends.

When the girls are going out for such an entertainment, regardless of the age, a lot of money come from the wallets or credit cards for the sake of fashion so not doing this without a previous look at the trends is a very unwise move.

This year the warm season is filled with so many wonderful options that the modern woman in you can very well stick to her plan of being the fashion icon she needs.

Since this season the fashion is all about being natural at any hour of the day you can for sure define your very own fashionista style provided your “fashion recipe box” is filled with the basics.

Every time I think about what am I going to wear to work, in class, at the movies or when going clubbing, I try my best to put my print on the outfit and be distinct from the crowd by wearing a personal, innovative or special accessory.

For the spring 2010 the warm color tones seem like a good idea. Such tones will make a girl look feminine; creating a simple look and their appearance suggests quality and good taste. The spring 2010 encourages us to wear pastel skirts and dresses, lovely designs and girly accessories.

I must admit that the retro influences are so likable and the color combinations of pastels with gold and silver touches are meant to beautify any woman. In the same time the flower prints promise to be the best way of creating the most feminine look all of us crave for.

When looking inside the fashion magazines you will for sure find the items that are a must this spring. If you are following trends you will notice for sure that items like ethereal dresses, natural prints, shorts, cigarette pants and cloche skirts are practically everywhere.

The classical black dress is totally back and so are the medium length jackets with wide shoulders. One shoulder dresses are perfect for a sexy night out and you should have one inside your wardrobe.

When looking at the couture presented on the cat walk we should keep in mind that the street fashion can be equally glamorous and that we have all the reasons in the world to prove that this is true.

A vintage piece of jewelry, a fabulous pair of shoes and an original scarf can make an outfit stand out. These being said we should focus on details.

If this spring is about being feminine, then lace and sheer fabric is definitely here to stay so any items from the wardrobe fitting the profile is a keeper.

If you have a thing for silk, now it the time to prove it. The silk is back and as strange as it may seem it is so designed to fit any figure.

The 2010 spring encourages us to shop but also encourages us to make the most of the creativity we have so that the beautiful and elegant woman sleeping inside us would be allowed to come out and enjoy the spring sun.


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