City life makes people work harder and live more time-oriented. Working for long hours, always struggling for something are the troubles of the city life.

However, there is also an enthusiastic opportunity to create, follow and shape the life trends with something else other than work and duties.

Various restaurants, theaters, operas, cinemas, coiffeurs and boutiques are present to make your life more interesting and full of memories.

Fashion becomes in the city the second nature of every possible appearance. Fashion is that certain something, city life has to deal with, a intoxicating thing that changes people without them noticing.

Different designers from all over the world have the power to change and shape the fashion trends season by season. They use interesting objects, unexpected combinations and crazy variations of clothing, all displayed in the fashion shows people crave to see.

They have the power to change and create everything they want on the catwalk scene…but can they actually change the street fashion?

Let’s face it – very few women living in cities are 90% thin and tall like the ones on the stage and they for sure are not ready to wear sheer clothing during their casual day of walking on the street.

But what is seen on stage not always stays on the stage. Trends hit the streets may be not in a raw form but certainly in a unique way.

The designs are present on the streets and strong items like a Prada bag, Balenciaga shoes or Givenchy coat can be seen prowling the city streets.

If a Donna Karan sheer dress can catch the eyes even if under a fur coat, the Chanel jewelry hairstyle can bewitch anyone passing you on the street.

The brands are there, exactly as you see them on the catwalk but tamed by a more savant combination able to fit the daily outings. They maintain the glamour but eliminate the shocking details.

A D&G pair of blue spring pants would make an ordinary top look expensive and fashionable. They may not be that pair you noticed because of the transparent blouse they were paired with on the catwalk, but they are D&G nevertheless.

The fashion items come to the streets raging passion. They are bought to be worn, to make people jealous, to create complicated combinations but also to be shown off by the fashion addicts.

Still they look very different from the catwalk. The approach is a lot lighter, a lot more comfortable to the eye but still fabulous.

Fur coats with simple cuts keep warm and look stylish with a pair of tight jeans or a fabulous dress. At least one piece of clothing tends to be extraordinary, but the other pieces are taming it making it look wonderful but fitted to the everyday look.

Accessories, in contrast with clothing, are used every time and everywhere. Brands can be seen all over the streets complementing an ordinary outfit and touching it with a drop of glamour. Shoes are there to make a stand and add to the outfit the catwalk air.

Outstanding bags make a distinctive note and although different from the catwalk, the street fashion retains the “IT” factor showing it with a more temperate but in the same time a lot more charming way.


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