In the world of fashion, and even outside it too, everyone knows that the height of fashion comes from Paris.

From times of old going back as far as the renaissance Paris has been the center of fashion culture.

Paris isn’t just the center for clothing fashion either. They have the top jewelry designers as well as the largest number of high fashion hair stylists in the world.

Everyone from monarchs and heads of state to actors, actresses and musical icons and even the non-famous wealthy, look to Paris for all of their fashion needs.

All of the fashion houses in the world look to Paris to see the new styles coming out and then plan their seasonal lines accordingly.

While some of the styles unveiled at Fashion Week in Paris might seem a bit over the top, the smaller designers do still get their inspiration from these shows. These shows are not only attended by designers but are also sought out by leading actors, actresses and musicians.

Some of these musicians and theater people will actually wear the clothes modeled at these shows for various appearances. Also, these shows are a great way to network for a lot of people.  Everyone from famous people to reporters and designers can see and be seen.

While a lot of the fashions seen in Paris can be over the top and make you wonder who in their right mind would wear something like that, there are others that truly redefine elegance and style.  You can see some of the most beautiful gowns and dresses paired with elegant hair styles and the perfect jewels for any occasion.

Famous names in jewelers are also beginning to catch on to this idea that Paris shows are the way to go. A few of the world’s most well known names in jewelry actually did a few shows this year.

At their shows, they tended to have themed pieces. One of the themes was butterflies and in the goodie bags given at the end of the shows, there were actually small butterfly nets.

You can definitely expect to see everything come out of Paris Fashion Week. From Goth to Retro, Elegance to Street, everything that we will see coming to department stores near us will have had a design originated in Paris.

Maybe they will not come straight from a Parisian designer, but you can rest assure that the design idea itself was inspired by something that was seen in Paris or even copied at third hand by something that was designed by a Parisian inspired artist.

As you can plainly see, Paris does indeed set the pace for everyone in the design world. No matter if it is clothing, shoes, jewels or hair if you are looking for the latest fashion styles for the season just see what they are wearing in Paris. You cannot go wrong if you look to Paris even if you can’t get there for Fashion Week.


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