knit wearThe most important thing which characterizes the fashion trends this winter season is moderation and precision.

There are no radical innovations or ideological findings.

Mainly, the fashion designers presented fine nuances of already popular things and discrete elements of different retro styles from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Some of these glamorous details and necessary accessories for this winter parties are the fluffy furs, the glamour of the satin, sleeveless clothes, multilayer look, the comfortable park-jacket from the 80s is the new rave, stoles, trousers and skirts in the style of 80s.

If you want to be fabulous this winter, keep in mind that the retro came back but in new, unique way. According to the fashion specialists the best thing about these “eternal” classical tendencies is that they can be worn at least three years and in three different ways and always to be modern.

Other outfits inspired by vintage and retro looks for the coming holidays are the knitwear. They are always comfortable and modern.

The new tendency in the knitwear is the asymmetry, especially for the waistcoats which are so vanguard with their longer front part. The colorful pantyhose are the ideal way to make your look complete new for the holidays.


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