Mixing prints and patterns is the rising fashion trend lately. This is not an easy issue, because you can easily go over the good fashion taste borders. Take a look at our suggestion for perfectly worn mixed patterns and prints.

print mixing

One of the most important things when mixing them is to remember always to mix a small print with a splashier one. Don’t choose prints and patterns from different color family. You can play with mixing up fabrics and weights.

print mixing1

Don’t forget that rough fabrics go perfectly with the refined ones. The contrast that prints are creating must be well measured.

print mixing2

Stubby fabrics are perfectly matching those with a flat weave. Leopard prints are easier to mix with some polka dots and other graphic patterns.

print mixing3

Accessories are also good option to use the mixed patterns. Print bag and print frock is good idea. Leather bags or pair of sandals with leopard outfit is a tendency that will never go out of fashion.

print mixing4


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