There are a lot of fashion myths, which we still follow blindly. Some celebrities gave us an example that not everything we knew about what is wrong or right is exactly so.

For instance one of the most widespread myths is that you can’t wear mini skirt, if you are above 40. As Jennifer Aniston shows, you can, so go ahead! It’s all depending on the size, figure and the right accessory, in case you are above 40 and you want to show your legs.

Another taboo in the fashion is that short women can’t wear long dresses. This is not true – you can do and actually a long column dress will lengthen your figure and silhouette.

Among the fashion myths is one that is absolutely wrong – skinny jeans can only be worn by super slim! This is also wrong. Take a look at Beyonce’s figure.

She always wears skinny jeans and combines them with high heels, this way she can’t go wrong.

In case you think black is always slimming, you are wrong. There are models that actually make the hips larger. America Ferrara’s dress is just example of bad cut. It’s all about the right model and silhouette you’re choosing.


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