This year nothing can be compared to the jewelry collection of Mctega. In case you never have heard of this brand, you must take a look at its unusual fashion ideas and trends, which certainly represent a new, fresh look of the modern jewels.

The company is eminent for its futuristic items inserted into their outfit collection, but this season they created a masterpiece of jewelry that requires a new style of wearing.

For instance Mctega futuristic and unusual jewels are made to be worn on the body in new ways. Their belts are made as necklines and incrusted with gems and massive stones.

Each detail is handmade and comes with at least one unusual detail. For instance, Mctega new collection showcased are inspirational with gems in dark colors combined with textures such as leather, cashmere and satin.

The jewels are big and rough, but yet the refined details on them gave a smooth fashion look. The magical spirit that Mctega jewels are representing is just another reason to love those jewelry.


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