Gossip Girl is now one of the most successful TV shows and it is already labeled as the TV show that creates fashion icons. Jenny Humphrey is one of them and her character is now extremely popular.

In case you want to look as Jenny, we are giving you few tips to achieve her stylish and creative fashion appeal. Black is one of the main colors, when it comes to her dresses.

She always wears big jewels, which are in unusual shapes and sizes. Banana republic is the brand, which is offering exactly the same style jewels that this heroine wears.

Check out their Midnight Ring with black crystal, which is super stylish and fits her rebel look. Another fashion must have to complete your Gossip Girl look is the sandals on high platform, offered by Loffler Randal.

The online fashion store Net a Porte is also suggesting perfect tights and skirts, which usually the women characters in the TV show has been choosing.


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