Denim jeans are an emblematic symbol of free spirit and rebellion. Perhaps, the meaning of jeans in today’s mass culture testifies a famous speech of the great Yves Saint Laurent: “In this life I have one regret: that I have not invented jeans”, he said and that is more than truthful, because denim always seems to make a triumphal comeback.

denim dresses

The biggest designers this season show again their respect to this texture and add rebel looks to their fashion creation through torn denim jeans.

patchwork denim

Comfort clothes for work and fun is the motto under which the fashion makers have developed new spring/summer models.

chambray shirts

Narrow-cut jackets made with black denim, small square collar and zippers, T-shirts with large historical prints and rocker styles prints combined with coarse shirts speak for the street fashion comeback in the latest modern trends.

denim trousers

Old-school type is complemented by Chino-pants and elastic denim trousers. This spring the bag and the belts are entirely made with dark denim.

denim blazers

In case you like this look, go for the last collection of designers like Prada and Ralph Lauren, which included denim as a ruling trend in their fashion ideas about the spring/summer season.

white denim

Versace also didn’t miss out the chance to offer sophisticated denim look and an innovative jeans made with light denim colors.

denim shorts


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