To protect from the cold and wind, women tend to wear thicker shawls, hats, gloves, and these pieces of clothing make a woman look a bit sloppy on the first gaze.

People may think that women might loose their sexy air this season, but they are totally wrong. Under all the cover-ups there lays a treasure: Boudoir crossing style.

Be careful, you might get shocked when a woman takes off her winter coat and shows her sexier-than-ever dress inside a café. This fall, women fill themselves with glamour and sexuality. Lacey corsets, skinny dresses and busts are on top of the favorite clothes.Boudoir

The look for this trend lies within the boudoir look with unexpected and various combinations. Laced up corsets, sheer knitting, lacey bras can be used with low-necked dresses, skirts, skinny jeans and fabric pants.

To discover this sexy, independent and creative way of look, scrabbling the wardrobe for old pants and skirts that were put away but not forgotten can be combined with different lingerie and busts.

Who says that the lingerie and sexy boudoir tops can only be shown to boyfriends, girls and mothers? With this trend, wherever you go, you can show it of tamed by suitable combinations.

Transparency, of course, is another issue that comes with the lingerie-combined clothes. Being very careful with these combinations is smart because the level of transparency might be determined according to day, night, places to go, etc.

Also, thanks to the winter, various shawls might be used to cover the transparency and/or give a mysterious look to women’s alluring outfits.


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