We so much love Ann Taylor’s fashion ideas. The brand, notorious for its style and colorful decisions when it comes to outfits, will surprise us again with their latest collection.

There is no question why to choose Ann Taylor. The fashion brand has always been a massive market label that is offering a classic woman wardrobe. Their fall 2010 collection is already on the market as it represents smooth colors, refined textures and stylish accessories.

The skinny pencil skirts are ruling Ann Taylor’s last collection. The palette is blush and grey, while the pearls are “must have” in her fashion creation.

The brand is also offering comfortable cardigans, tailored jackets and elegant trousers for the modern woman. Don’t miss out to purchase the famous coat in a typical camel Ann Taylor style – long and embracing the body.

Another must have in the collection are the skirts, made with satin and cashmere. They are in dark smooth colors such as chocolate, soft purple and grey.


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