This season the fashion scene offers an amazing journey in a world of unique patterns, fresh motifs and playful textures. What really characterize the funny motifs are the bird stamps.

bird print dresses

Lately, designers such as Miu Miu and Karen Walker are going to surprise with real show of bird motifs on their clothes. The birds are combined with floral motifs and usually are represented with colorful outfits. The more birds and more bright colors, the more fashionable look you’ll achieve.

bird print dresses skirt

Patterned bird prints turn to be symbol of a new fashion generation that took the nature into the urban life style. The inspiration for the birds is also common into the latest collection of Marc Jacobs. Actually the designer loves that pattern and two of his last collections included bird’s motifs.

bird print dresses1

Don’t miss out to check out Miu Miu’s Bird Print Silk Dress that is a total fashion hit and it is more than suitable for the summer.


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