The 40s glamour is back and this season more than ever the biggest designers are inspired of that bespoke time when the Hollywood divas were wearing long skirts, shining details and huge hats.

All this is back into the spring fashion season in a new innovated look and creative style for each woman that desires to be a star. Red and blue – the favorite colors of the 40s are again our best friends and the bolder look you add to your wardrobe, the more modern you will be.

lace detail underskirt

Long skirts replaced the miniskirts from last spring and now they are the favorite dress of many designers. Prada has chosen to turn back the glamour of the old times with pencil skirts in desert sand colors.

polka dot ruffle vneck

The V-neck of the dresses is also among the trends that will rule the fashion scene this year. Short sleeved shirts are represented as the new sweet temptation from designers like Versace and Ralph Lauren.

daisy print dress

After the Oscar ceremony, which was entirely in the spirit of the 40s when it comes to fashion, the long gowns came to a new life. Designers are offering white and black long dresses that embrace the body.

Polka Dot Blouse with Hipster Tie

Refined textures as lace and satin are again into the trend of the season. Don’t miss out to fill your wardrobe with tight, short sleeved tops, offered by H&M in bold colors.

Chinese Blossom Printed Tulip Dress in Silk Floral Dress with Lace Cut-Outhigh waisted trousers


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