Sporty boyfriend blazersLiving in the cold days of fall 2009, the Christmas decorations show that the new year, and of course, the spring is ahead.

Preparing the spring clothes and knowing must-have clothing and accessories might be a good idea to find these things on sale, and maybe make them be of help to make the cold depressive psychology go away.

For clothing, different pieces are must-haves for the spring. First, the girls are in action for some boyish trend, again.

Sporty boyfriend blazers will be top for spring 2010. Slightly oversized jackets might be combined with fabric pants, jeans and mini or long skirts.

Second, printed and patterned pants will be top. If bored with the same jeans, fabric pants which can are used mostly black, white or brown; the patterned pants bring the fresh look to wear something funny and entertaining. Other than colorful patterns, a military look will be a strong current for girls in spring next year.

Also, a vintage trend is back for the spring 2010. For an alternative look to miniskirts, long and wavy skirts or dresses will be all over the streets.

Thinking about the colors, violet, aurora and turquoise are top 3 nominated colors for spring 2010. Combining the colors, miniskirts, boyfriend blazers, mini pants, patterned pants and a glamorous look of high vents will be the talk of the streets during next spring.


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