If you are thinking, that you gained a few pounds during the winter season, there is an easy way to cover that. Fashion clothes are no longer for the thinnest girls.

fashion clothesEvery woman could look more slim and elegant by choosing the right clothes. First secret is to choose a bra, which will improve your silhouette. That would happen with plunging lace bra or sheer bra with an underwire.

Nude heels are another way to lengthen your legs. This trick is often used by many stars such as Jessica Alba.

fashion clothes 01Another smart decision is wearing waist-cinching belt. This wider accessory gives more refine look at the curves and you can see the result on Michel Obama’s figure, hence she is using them occasionally.

v neck topIn case you want to look fine in the latest designer jeans collections, make sure you are choosing to wear straight leg jeans models in darker tones. Another secret of choosing the right clothes is the V-neck Top. This top has always been a weapon for every woman, who wants to look slimmer.

pencil skirtFigure-flattering dresses are the key for thinner look. A pencil skirt, which you can see at Donna Karan fashion show is proper for all type of figures and covers those parts of your body, which you want to hide.


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