The fashion definition is …whatever goes becomes an “IT”. Still some fashion items make us wonder why they were created.

Spectacular or not, the fur bags are exactly this type of fashion item. Because the fall collection is supposed to bring outfits able to keep us warm no matter the temperature outside it figures to have warm pieces of clothing around.

The fluffy furry bags are supposed to keep warm our wallets, powder, lipstick and perfume, exactly like the warm clothes do it for our bodies. But is it really necessary?

Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Karen Walker were all eager to step into the current and created furry bags for the fall 2010.

Whether they look stylish, resemble a stuffed animal or something the cat dragged in, they seem to try very hard to convince the world fashionistas that they are worth buying.

You have to ask yourself are you ready to carry such a thing with you or something furry on your arm is a bit too much even for a fashion addict.


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